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Louisville, KY Trim and Molding Contractor

Interior trim and moldings are relatively inexpensive materials that can add detail to your home to make it look amazing. You don’t have to do every room in your home to benefit from installing trim and molding. There are various ways to add a touch of sophistication with a variety of finishes to personalize your home.


When it comes to the aesthetics of a home, interior carpentry like moldings and trim can make a big difference. Here’s a simple analysis of how these simple but amazing woodworking crafts can help make any home feel like home.

Another option for changing the look of your existing baseboards is to make them bigger by adding a small piece of trim an inch or two above them and painting both the trim and the space in between them white. There is an endless possibility of generating ideas to style your home.

  • Custom Door add custom molding to an existing door, then paint it – boom, you have a custom door
  • Use Glossy Paint paint the trim and molding with glossier type paint to make your home look more luxurious
  • Revamp Your Walls use panel molding on your wall to add a modern a sleek makeover
  • Make a Fancy Staircase by using wood panels at the foot of your staircase you can give your home that fancy look reserved for the rich and famous

The addition of trim or crown molding adds architectural interest that can turn the simplest cabinet style into something completely custom. Trim and molding are common decorative highlights for traditional homes that enrich the environment by creating an attractive transition between walls and ceiling. Crown molding has a way of making a room complete or finished by connecting the ceiling and walls, giving them an elegant look.